Ending 2016 and Starting 2017 with a Bang!

Are you excited to end the year and start a new one? Sometimes getting pumped up is not enough.  You must have a solid goal and a strategy in place if you really want to make all your excitement count.  But this is not as easy as it sound. A lot of individuals start...
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Three Pillars to R2LA : Aware / Align / Activation

Prior to starting Refuze, I was in a deep depression not knowing where my life was headed.  I accepted jobs that would hire me.  I constantly went from one idea to the next.  One disappointment after another.   Having all three of my best friends die before the age of...
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Morning Routines

Having a morning ritual is one of those opportunities where we can make an empowering choice, or not.  This choice, will certainly be a foreshadowing of the results we receive the rest of the day.  Project that out into the future and it should be glaringly obvious if...
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